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    Who we choose to marry is one of the most important and costliest decisions a person will make, yet it’s not uncommon for lovers to make errors in judgment. Why does this happen? One reason is that most of us aren’t raised with a healthy template of marriage to follow. We also lack self-awareness and may be afraid of ending up alone.

    Another factor is unrealistic expectations of marriage because we grew up in the first generation for whom divorce continues to be accepted and common. According to author Pothos, lots of marriages seem to be trial marriages and people tie the knot with the notion of “If it doesn’t make me happy, I’ll just move on.” Since more and more individuals grow up in divorced homes where they witness divorce being the solution to marital problems, they may not approach marriage with a thoughtful mindset.

    Unfortunately, many of us marry without obtaining critical information about our partners. For instance, we may not know that our father-in-law is a substance abuser or that our mother-in-law has a family history of mental illness. Sadly, we may put our faith in someone who we fall in love with blindly and fail to ask some of these crucial questions.

    6 signs your partner is good marriage material:

    1. You admire your partner for who they are as a person. You like and respect who he/she is and how they carry themselves through the world. If you can’t respect the way a person lives their life, let alone admire them, it’s hard to keep any relationship going.

    2. Your partner is trustworthy because they keep agreements. Their actions are consistent with their words. When you share something personal you trust they will keep it to themselves.

    3. He/she makes time for you on a regular basis. They make you a priority because they value your relationship. Even when he/she is swamped, they make time to spend with you. This includes regular text messages or phone calls to show that they’re thinking of you.

    4. Your partner is comfortable talking about the things that interest you and asks you questions about your hobbies, friends and family. They appreciate you for who you are right now and aren’t trying to change you.

    5. He/she makes you feel good about yourself. A partner who truly cares about you is a boost to your self-esteem. He/she values you and gives you compliments and praise.

    6. You share a vision. Sharing a dream for your life together can help you gain a healthy perspective. When couples possess a shared vision, the inevitable ups and downs of marriage are less bothersome. Creating a larger context of meaning in life, can help couples to avoid focusing on the small stuff that happens and to keep their eyes on the big picture.

    If you feel that your partner is the right person for you but you still fear commitment, you might want to consider the following: Know that no relationship is conflict free, but you are worthy of having a relationship that makes you happy. If you aren’t there yet, embrace where you are now. What is it that holds you back from achieving a satisfying relationship? And once you have it, what will you do when you get there?

    The best partner will compliment you and bring out your very best. When you are with him or her, you will begin to see untapped possibilities within yourself and in the world. In any relationship, you will face ups and downs and your love will be tested. However, where admiration and respect are found, love will be sustained. But where these things are absent, love will die. Finding a partner who likes and respects you as much as you do him/her will give you the best chance of finding long-lasting love.

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    Ah, discussing se_x with women is quite an interesting experience. Just the other day, I asked one of my girl friends what she secretly wants her man to do to her in bed. Her reply was not what I expected. She basically had a list of errors.

    "Well, he never kisses me when we make love. I hate that. Then there's the fact that he rarely, if ever, goes down on me. And if that's not terrible enough, he's done before I even get wet."

    Yeah, enough with the whining already, I'm certain he has his own list as well, although I would never tell her that. Nevertheless, that's when I realized that perhaps I should word the question a little differently.

    "No," I said, "what I mean is, do you have a secret se_xual desire that you wish he could just telepathically pick up on?" And that's when the conversation intensified...

    5. Get Aggressive In Bed

    Just about every woman I encountered had the words "more aggressive se_x" rolling off her tongue. From being tied up and spanked to having their hair pulled and being mildly asphyxiated, the women were quite enthusiastic about aggressive se_x.

    Of course, I'm not implying that you should go home and smack your b!tch up, but instead, maybe a little roughing in the bedroom can work wonders for your se_x life. And if that's not enough, these women didn't simply want their men to be more aggressive; they wanted to, on occasion, be the aggressor.

    4. Curse Like A Sailor

    In the spirit of being vocal, believe it or not, dirty talk was mentioned quite often. But it wasn't the flowery variety; the talk that many women wanted was downright nasty. I guess tame bedroom antics went out with everlasting marriages.

    The colorful language they were using had these women blushing, but their candidness was much appreciated. Of course, I can't write any of it here without being censored, but I'm certain you can use your imagination on this one.

    3. Treat Her Like A Pr0stitute

    Ah, fanta$ies, the beauty of them lies in the fact that many are not realized. But as one woman put it: "I am tired of being that precious lady in the bedroom. I'm tired of 'making love' and doing things gently all the time. I want him to have raunchy se_x with me and talk to me as though he just met me and cares nothing about what I want. I want him to ravish me like an animal and tell me to be quiet whenever I try to say something." Wow!

    I guess, in the end, there are plenty of women who want to be, for lack of a better word, slu_tty in the bedroom. They simply fear that if they behave in such a manner, then their men will think less of them, and some are even afraid that their men will mistakenly begin treating them differently outside the bedroom as well. All the same, many women are big fans of scenarios such as the one described.

    2. Longer, More Vocal Oral se_x

    Whether it's for you or her, women want a whole lot more of oral se_x. To my surprise, many women were keen on performing for their men as well (many in hopes of reciprocation). What they secretly wanted was directions. Now I don't mean "no, no left, now a little to the right, now go up, down, up, down, oh yeah," but rather describing how and why you like it when she's down there. And noise; women secretly want to hear you making all kinds of pleasant noises that assure them that they're doing a good, uh, job.

    Now, on to your deeds down there. What do women secretly want? They want you to get deep down in there with your mouth, use your fingers, and when necessary, penetrate her with your p3nis for a little while, and then get busy again with your mouth.

    1. Focus On Her Entirely

    It may sound like less of a fant.asy and more of a se_x tip, but a lot of women want their men to focus on their entire bodies. "I want him to l!ck and kiss everything from my ankles to the small of my back. I want him to arouse sensations that come from somewhere other than my vag!na," said one woman.

    Maybe spending a little time on her inner thigh or kissing her wrist is not such a bad idea. And by doing so, she will likely do it to you as well, and who knows, maybe penetration will take a backseat to sensation.

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    Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of the Nazi Party. He was chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and dictator of Nazi Germany (as Führer und Reichskanzler) from 1934 to 1945. Hitler was at the centre of Nazi Germany, World War II in Europe, and the Holocaust. Hitler was a decorated veteran of World War I.

    1) He was a high school dropout
    He was a high school dropout. Not only that, but he repeated his sixth year and was rejected twice from art school. This takes the phrase “Hitler's stupid” to a very different place. While absolutely agreeing that the man's coming into power and entire regime is stupid (in that ridiculous, horribly absurd way), there was a genius to his craft of speech to make people believe not only the insane things he claimed, but also that they could be achieved. That craft? As an orator. The root of dictator is shared with dictate: a speaking role, a performing role.

    2) Artistic Ambitions
    While having artistic ambitions, there are a lot of burgeoning movements that he simply couldn't stand: cabaret, expressionism, and jazz music, for example. This contradiction can be accounted for by the ideological background of the artists that worked in each of the fields. Cabaret, for instance, was actively in political opposition to nazism and supported the free love of homosexuals, ineffectual citizens, and debauchery in general. Expressionism, like jazz, is not inherently political although the practitioners were in large part Jewish. Unlike jazz, the link to the artistic style and Jewish tradition is not apparent in expressionism (which doesn't mean that Hitler's hatred isn't as well).

    3) Times Magazine announced Hitler the Man of the Year
    In 1938, Times Magazine announced Hitler the Man of the Year — although political correctness has corrected this to Person of the Year. Joseph Stalin got it the following year, and then again in 1942 (aside from Winston Churchill and George W. Bush, the only person to win twice). Sure enough, Time has made some silly choices for the award, such as Middle Americans, Baby Boomers, the computer, and — my personal favorite — You, but Hitler! This comes well after the publication of Mein Kampf and its translation into English. Oh well, this can serve as a warning. To be the Person of the Year, you must have power, political or otherwise. Hitler is a good example of what evils power can spawn.

    4) Slept a lot
    Next time you're told off for staying in bed until 11 o'clock, just tell the one complaining that you'll be a world leader one day because Hitler often woke at this time. Really, he did. Suffering from insomnia, it was quite normal for him to be up, busying himself by pacing diagonally in his room, giving himself (medical) enemas, or some other peculiar habit of his. The reported regular bedtime for him was around four or five in the morning. This is surprising given the success of his missions, but not altogether useless as leader, for it teaches people to live around you.

    5) Hitler never took of his jacket in public
    For an orator, personal appearance is very important. As a result, Hitler never took of his jacket in public (presumably afraid of sweat marks), always wore pre-tied neckties (heaven forbid it should be out of place!), only wore full-length underwear (not so easily explained), etc. And since we're here, we might as well take a bash at his mustache: no one could convince him that it didn't work with the get-up. One day, he deluded himself, it will catch on because everyone will want to be like the Führer. I personally think it suits Chaplin much better.

    6) A real Don Juan type
    There were a number of ladies — one of his nieces included — that didn't much mind the little mustache. These women all shared one other passion, aside from his mo: suicide, or at the very least a romancing of death. His first girlfriend committed suicide; his last attempted it twice before finally fulfilling the dream in 1945 with her lover in her arms. In between, the stories are no different. The man really had an effect on women! A real Don Juan type.

    7) He liked being kicked
    What these women got from him sexually is another question. Perhaps it would be better to say “what he got from them.” Psychological assessments of Hitler, undertaken in his lifetime, concluded that he probably adored being urinated and defecated on. In fact, any sexual report regarding the man, be it psychological or a recount, suggests that he was rather strange in the sack. For example, he supposedly begged to be kicked repeatedly by one woman and is said to have had his guards videotape the torture of Jewish people for his own home-viewing pleasure.

    8) Afraid of blades
    If it is true that he liked to be dominated, then this next Hitler quirk is a very curious counterpart: he was afraid of blades in other peoples hands to the point of feeling terrified during haircuts. This must stem from paranoia that many people wanted to take his life (which they did). For the same reason, he always shaved himself, just in case. It's really another exhibition of his weakness — apparent by simply looking at his frame — but it really is a wonderful to imagine Hitler screaming on the barber's chair as if he were at the dentist.

    9) Hitler was a vegetarian
    If you've invited Hitler for dinner it might be good to ask whether he has any special dietary requirements. He does; Hitler was a vegetarian. It would then be an opportune time to ask yourself what you're doing inviting a genocidal lunatic into your house, onto your table, to eat off of your forks. Chances are, he's not interested in joining you for the Hare Krishna hiking weekend, but he did see (after Richard Wagner) vegetarianism as bridging a spiritual divide. Supposedly, he saw the future of Germany as vegetarian — a long way from the knockwurst we know and love.

    10) Hitler invented the concept of blow-up dolls
    Don't hold your breath. You're not going to guess this one. In order to avoid the situation of his soldiers, who have the same needs as anybody else, sleeping with one another (in which case they would have to be executed) or sleeping with the locals of regions they visited (and potentially procreating with Jews and being executed for that), Hitler came up with yet another brilliant idea: the blow-up doll. You know that breath you're not holding? It suddenly has somewhere else to be. Complete the job without the complete set! Don't screw the system, screw this plastic thing instead! However the proposal was constructed, I'm sure it would have been — if recorded — one of the funniest moments in history.

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    Intelligence comes in two forms: crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence. Crystallized intelligence is stored-up information and how-to knowledge. This form of intelligence grows as you age. Fluid intelligence peaks in early adulthood and then begins to decline gradually with time. Psychologists now believe that this form of cleverness can be improved. By setting aside time to exercise your mind, you can become more creative, focus better, and solve problems quicker. Also, find out about the proper nutrients your brain needs for enhanced intelligence.

    15 Secrets to Increasing I.Q.

    1. Be Active

    If you don’t exercise regularly, now is a good time to start. Exercise contributes to overall physical and mental health. Having a healthy body leads to development of intelligence.

    2. Write

    Some people find that a journal is a good way to organize thoughts. Simple writing helps you gain a new perspective when you go back and read what you wrote.

    3. Meditate

    Research shows that meditation makes you smarter. Meditation increases the ability of the brain to make physiological changes, increases gray and white brain matter, and enables “whole brain synchronization”. Whole brain synchronization allows the left side of the brain to be connected with the right hemisphere.

    4. Think

    Involve yourself with books, documentaries, or board games that require critical thinking skills. By challenging your current assumptions, you are making yourself smarter.

    5. Read Every Day

    Try to read something nonfiction at least 30 minutes each day. Reading increases your intelligence and keeps you well-informed.

    6. Have Hobbies

    Do the things you love on a regular basis. Whether it’s bowling, knitting, or fishing, the more fun you experience, the easier it will be for you to assimilate new information.

    7. Study I.Q. Puzzles

    I.Q. puzzles can be found at your local book store. To keep your mind sharp, go over these repeatedly.

    8. Be Creative

    Create something. Write an ebook, plant flowers, build a model car. Using your mind to create something improves your ability to think.

    9. Explore New Cultures

    Seek out different worldviews other than your own. Learn about other culture’s food, traditions, and language.

    10. Play Competitive Games

    Chess is a good example of a competitive game that adds to your cleverness. Log on to the Internet and play with others around the world. Facebook offers many competitive games.

    11. Watch Specific TV Shows

    Researchers have found that certain TV shows can help you improve intelligence. Watch shows that have overlapping plot strands, moral ambiguity, and a large number of primary characters.

    12. Socially Network

    According to a recent report in Discover Magazine, social interaction enhances synaptic activity of the brain.

    13. Play Video Games

    Moms across the world can all give a sigh of relief. Video games improve math abilities and classroom behavior.

    14. Listen to Music

    Recent research studies show there is a connection between listening to music and improved memory. Music listening also boosts skills in science and math.

    15. Get Enough Sleep

    Most people require between 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. This time allows your brain to process the day by strengthening memories.

    10 Foods that can Enhance Your I.Q.

    1. Fish Oil

    Whether you take supplements or eat wild salmon (or both), getting fish oil in your diet makes you smarter. Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are essential for brain function.

    2. Vitamin B

    The B vitamins improve memory and mood. Studies have shown that people who lack B vitamins in their bodies have greater mental decline. To get your Bs, eat turkey, beans, lentils, and bananas.

    3. Breakfast

    Dubbed “the most important meal of the day”, breakfast is brain food. Those who have a well-balanced breakfast show improved memory, creativity, focus, and overall performance.

    4. Matcha

    Matcha is a stone-ground, powered form of green tea, and it is an excellent food for increased mental alertness.

    5. Antioxidants

    These substances combat free-radicals in your body. To improve memory and problem solving, eat red kidney beans, blueberries, cranberries, and artichokes.

    6. Ginkgo Biloba

    Scientists have found that ginkgo biloba increases the blood flow to the brain to increase short-term memory, improve focus, and reduce dementia.

    7. Avocado

    This vegetable has monosaturated fat (the good kind), which increases blood flow. The brain needs blood to think. What’s more, avacados help lower blood pressure.

    8. Meat and Fish

    You find creatine in lean meat and fish. The body needs this substance for memory and intelligence. You can also buy creatine supplements at your local health food store.

    9. Vitamin E

    The E vitamin is necessary for brain health because it works as an antioxidant. Research has shown that Vitamin E delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Eat leafy green vegetables, kiwi, and nuts to up your intake of this vital nutrient.

    10. Ginseng

    This root improves mental stimulation, memory, and brain function. One recent report indicates that ginseng protects the brain from toxins.

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    A new study says that having one drink each day is better for you than abstaining. The health benefits of including a moderate amount of alcohol in the diet have been vigorously debated in research. Now, a new study finds that drinking up to seven drinks a week is linked to a lower risk of developing heart failure in the future.

    In a new study published in the European Heart Journal, researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, analyzed data from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study, which included 14,629 participants aged between 45 and 64 years.

    The participants were recruited between 1987 and 1989 and they were followed for 24-25 years.

    Interviews were conducted with the participants on their drinking habits at the start of the study and at follow-up interviews conducted at 3-yearly intervals.

    A major study of some 15,000 men and women found that moderate but frequent alcohol consumption in early to middle age could reduce the risk of heart failure—when the heart becomes too weak to pump blood around the body at the right pressure—by 20 percent for men and 16 percent for women.

    While there are, of course, a vast number of risks associated with drinking, this research has been more comprehensive than most: the team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston analyzed data from its participants over the course of 25 years, investigating their alcohol intake during three visits made every three years. They categorized people into six groups: abstainers (who consumed no alcohol in between visits), former drinkers, people who had up to seven drinks a week, those who consumed 7-14 drinks during that time, and those who drank more than 21 alcoholic beverages weekly.

    Around 2,500 of the participants developed heart failure—which affects more than 23 million worldwide—over the course of the study, the lowest rates of which were present among the group consuming seven drinks each week. Those who identified as abstainers and participants in the group consuming 7-14 drinks weekly were found to have a near-identical likeliness of developing heart failure, further indication that being teetotal bears little impact on one’s risk of the ailment.…

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    Protein is what typically every woman here will need to eat more of to help make your butt bigger. There is a common misconception that eating more protein or drinking protein shakes is only for bodybuilders. This could not be further from the truth. Every person on this planet requires protein rich foods for optimal health. In fact most people who aren’t working out or trying to grow would still benefit from increasing their protein consumption.

    If you are exercising and trying to grow your bum, the amount of protein you require will increase, as protein lays down the building blocks for growth.

    I recommend you try and get a protein source in every meal you eat. Around 15-30g of protein per meal. I also recommend you get yourself a good protein shake to drink after your workouts and possibly in a meal or two.

    So what are some healthy sources of good protein for bigger buttocks:

    1. Eggs
    2. Skinless Chicken Breasts
    3. Salmon
    4. Tuna
    5. Tilapia
    6. Cottage Cheese
    7. Turkey
    8. Protein Powder
    9. Steak
    10. Beans & Legumes (kidney, chick peas, etc)
    11. Extra Extra Lean Ground Beef
    12. Vegetable Burger
    13. Soya Nuts
    14. Virtually Any Fish (not fried)
    15. Most Lean Cut Meats
    16. Quinoa
    17. Brown Rice
    18. Sweet Potatoes
    19. Oats
    20. Weetabix
    21. Coos Coos
    22. Ezekiel Bread
    23. 100% Whole Grain Bread (sparingly)
    24. Low Sugar Breakfast Cereal (sparingly)

    Contrary to some old stereotypical bad beliefs that are still lingering on — fat does not make you fat. Excess calories and bad foods make you fat, and more prone to getting fat.

    Healthy sources of good fats are essential, and can help to actually lose weight or achieve better body composition. Such healthy fat sources include:

    1. Fish Fat/Oils (fish oil pills, salmon fat, etc)
    2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    3. Nuts (almonds, cashews, etc)
    4. Peanut Butter (get the ones that contain only peanuts; typical peanut butter contains harmful additives like hydrogenated oils and sugar)
    5. Almond Butter

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    Sex can be a bonding or loving experience, a formality, fun and exciting, or even immoral or illegal. Whatever you want to call it, there's no doubt that sex makes the world go 'round. Every culture is different, with different morals and lifestyles, and that is a great word to describe these ten particular practices: Different.

    Westerners might consider themselves somewhat sexually liberated, or at least headed in that direction, and while that may be the case, there are some societies out there that make us look like painfully repressed prudes. Some of these cultures no longer exist, but there will always be people to take their place.

    From a tribe of semen-drinking men to the community of brothers sharing a wife, amaze yourself with these 10 shocking tribal sex traditions from around the world.

    Ancient Egypt
    Ancient Egypt was a very sexualized culture, with very few social stigmas for most free men and women. The ebb and flow of the Nile was even thought to be caused by their god of creation's ejaculation. This idea caused the pharaohs – with their god-given potency – to ritually masturbate into the Nile to ensure a wealth of water for crops. During the Egyptian festival of the god Min, who represented the pharaoh's sexual power, men regularly masturbated in public.

    In Indonesia, there is a celebration called Pon. The event is held seven times a year, during which participants travel to a sacred mountain on the island of Java to perform a ceremony of good luck and fortune through sex. Participants have to spend the night and have intercourse with someone other than their wife or husband. It is said that their wishes of good luck will only come true if they have sex with the same person at all seven celebrations throughout the year.

    Ancient Greece
    Ancient Greece was one of the most sexually prolific and accepting societies in history. Homosexuality was a regular social convention, publicly embraced, but Ancient Greece's tolerance alone isn't what makes their sexual culture bizarre. Sexual desire was not distinguished by the gender of two people, bur rather by an active/passive role that each participant played. The "active" person was the penetrator, mirroring their role in society with high status, adulthood, and masculinity. The "passive" person was the penetrated, mirroring their submissive role as someone with lower standing, and a more youthful countenance associated with femininity.

    The most common form of same-sex relationships in Greece were between an older male and an adolescent boy. Pederasty was socially accepted without stigmas because the older man was supposed to act as a role model - teaching, protecting, and loving - to the boy. This practice was called "paiderastia," or, simply, "boy love." Until the boy was able to grow a full beard, he was not considered a man.

    The Deer Horn Muria are a forest-dwelling tribe who live deep in Central India's Chhattisgarh region. They practice something called Ghotul, which is a festive mingling of teenage men and women to teach them songs, lore, tribal dance… and sex. At night, they engage in ceremonial orgies and sexual romps. Girls drink a natural liquor as an herbal contraceptive to avoid pregnancy and then choose different sexual partners every night (talk about every juvenile boy's dream). If the herbal drink doesn't work and the girl becomes pregnant, the entire village will adopt the baby since no one knows for sure who the father is. And here we thought the West was sexually liberated.

    Saut-d'Eau is a municipality in Haiti, and its waterfalls are an annual site of religious importance. Every summer in July, voodoo practitioners and religious enthusiasts make a pilgrimage to the holy site to take part in a Eucharistic rite, worshiping the goddess of love. The penultimate devotional activity involves everyone bathing naked under the waterfalls, asking for heavenly favors. Then, some extreme participants take part in a sexual dance, still naked, writhing around in a mixture of mud and the blood of sacrificed animals.

    The "people of the taboo," or Wodaabe, are a tribe in Niger known for their beauty and rich cultural ceremonies. Traditionally, a person's first marriage is arranged by their parents while they're infants, and they must be married to cousins of the same lineage. At the annual Gerewol festival, Wodaabe men dress in elaborate costumes and makeup and then stand in a line in front of women to show off their beautiful teeth, faces, and features. Women pick new husbands from the men they are most impressed by, and if the new couple leaves without their current husband knowing, they become socially recognized. As opposed to the formal first marriage, this form of union is called a "love marriage."

    The Himalayas
    In the populated Himalayas, there is not much land available for farming and grazing, so families with more than one son would have to divide their land when each son starts his own family, providing even less agriculture per family. The solution to this is in finding a single wife for all of the sons of a family so that they can keep the plot and land intact. In some Nepalese communities, many brothers might share a single wife. Anthropologists call this form of polyandrous societal practice "fraternal polyandry", where a group of brothers share one wife. Apparently, the wife must be adept at scheduling time with each brother to keep jealous flares from rising.

    Papau New Guinea
    Papau New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet with 848 different languages and as many traditional societies. The Trobriand tribe practices magic spells and passes them down through generations, often directing their spells to induce erotic feelings in their lover or to make a person beautiful. The beauty spells are chanted into coconut oil and then rubbed onto a person's skin. Also, the tribe is known for becoming sexually active at a young age. Girls often start having sex by the age of 6 to 8, while boys start at 10 to 12, with no social stigma. Another interesting titbit, while pre-marital sex is fine, pre-marital meal-sharing is not. Couples are not supposed to go out for dinner together until they are married but they can have sex before marriage.

    Papau New Guinea Again
    The Sambian tribe's sexual practices are more extreme than their Trobriand neighbors. Boys from Sambian society are removed from the presence of females at the age of seven, living in a community of only males for 10 years. Their skin is pierced to remove "contamination" brought upon by interaction with women, and they consume large amounts of sugarcane to incur nose-bleeding and vomiting. They drink the semen of their elders to retain growth, strength, and sexual potency, and when they are reintroduced to society, they continue their nose-bleeding habit to mirror their wives' menstrual cycle.

    For the faint of heart, turn away now. The Mardudjara Aborigines of Australia have one of the most shocking boyhood-to-manhood transformations out there. At the age of 10 or 12, a boy has his front tooth knocked out and his septum pierced. He is considered symbolically dead at this point, and then he is taken into the wilderness by other men, circumcised, and then expected to ingest his foreskin without chewing. He is mute throughout the entire process. Then his penis is cut lengthwise on the underside, the blood is dripped over a fire to purify it, and from then on the male urinates from the underside of his penis. Then all of the men go hunting, return to camp with food and covered in blood, and the boy is considered reborn as an adult male.

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    We've all been there: Sex with your partner is good, but it's thisclose to being mind-blowing. But, while you probably know what it takes to get you off, spelling out exactly where he's going wrong can be a little…soul-crushing.

    So what can you do? Experts swear it's possible to teach your partner to be better in bed without hurting anyone's feelings.

    "We should all be teaching one another," says Jessica O'Reilly, Ph.D., Astroglide's resident sexologist. No one is born a great cook—it's a skill you cultivate. … We really should treat sex the same way and draw from a variety of sources, bearing in mind that there is no right way to cook or have sex—we each have very different tastes."

    It might actually go over better than you'd think, says licensed marriage and sex therapist Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D. "Technique can certainly be taught," she says. "In fact, most partners welcome the information."

    Of course, saying "this just isn't working for me" in the heat of the moment isn't going to go over well, but there are things you can do and say to teach your S.O. to push the right buttons. Here's what experts recommend:

    Speak up in bed

    In bed, offer a little guidance and tell your partner what you like. "Any feedback is good feedback as long as it's constructive," Van Kirk says. "Partners need information and you should feel empowered to give it. You deserve it, after all." She recommends non-verbal cues, like pulling him in, moving his hand with yours, or kissing him more deeply when he hits the right spots, as well as using sounds (think: moaning louder) when something feels good. You also shouldn't be afraid to ask for more when something feels right, O'Reilly says. And, when you're talking after sex, you can be specific about what really did it for you.

    Let GoT be your guide

    When you're watching something sexy with your partner, point out stuff that seems hot, like how two characters undress each other, and how they interact, O'Reilly says. If there's a particular move or position that turns you on, say something about it.

    Take the reins

    If you're looking to mix things up (and want to make sure you get your rocks off in the process), play the role of dominatrix, O'Reilly says. Tell your partner you're in charge tonight and then give explicit instructions on what you want him to do to you. It's a great way to get across what turns you on—with feedback—without being obvious that the regular stuff isn't working for you.

    Show exactly what you want—on your partner

    If you know a little nipple action or oral is what gets you going, do it to your partner first. Rub, kiss, and lick him the way you'd like him to do it to you, O'Reilly suggests—he'll likely return the favor. And, if he doesn't get the hint, gently guide his hands/head toward the area you want or simply say, "Now, it's my turn."

    Trade sexual favors

    Odds are, your partner has something that really does it for him, too, so offer to trade sexual favors, O'Reilly suggests. Tell him plainly: If he does [insert hot move here] for you, you'll reciprocate with the move of his choice. Just talking about it will get you both revved up.

    Above all, experts say you shouldn't be afraid to take action. After all, your S.O. won't know about your needs if you don't share them—and will likely welcome the feedback.

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    On World Cancer Day and everyone is encouraged to wear pink colours as a symbol of support to those who are affected by this dreadful illness.
    Here are the signs and symptoms of cancer:
    1. Irregular borders on moles (ragged, notched, or blurred edges)
    2. Moles that are not symmetrical (one half doesn’t match the other)
    3. Colours that are not uniform throughout
    4. Moles that are bigger than a pencil eraser
    5. Itchy or painful moles
    6. New moles
    7. Sores that bleed and do not heal
    8. Red patches or lumps

    Ways to protect yourself

    1. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun when possible.
    2. Wear sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15.
    · SPF refers to how long a person will be protected from a burn. (SPF 15 means a person can stay in the sun 15-times longer before burning.) SPF only refers to UVB protection.
    3. To protect against UVA, look for products containing: Mexoryl, Parsol 1789, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or avobenzone.
    4. Sunscreen performance is affected by wind, humidity, perspiration, and proper application.
    5. Throw away sunscreens after 1–2 years (they lose potency).
    6. Apply liberally (minimum of 1 oz) at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.
    7. Apply to ears, scalp, lips, neck, tops of feet, and backs of hands.
    8. Reapply at least every 2 hours and each time a person gets out of the water or perspires heavily.
    9. Some sunscreens may lose their effectiveness when applied with insect repellents.
    10. You may need to reapply more often.
    11. Wear clothing with a tight weave or high-SPF clothing.
    12. Wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses with UV protection and side panels.

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    A good sex life takes time and effort to maintain. It won’t always be easy — our busy lives are taxing and often leave us tired and devoid of the imagination and motivation required to keep up the pace.
    Having good sex doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours and hours of frolicking or adding a few sex toys for women into the mix, it can be as simple as doing something a little different just for a change.

    Women are cyclic creatures, and her sex drive will vary depending on her hormones and what’s going on in her life. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get her hot and the same-old song and dance may not be enough. This applies to you too. Therefore, it’s important to add a few more stimulating aspects to your sex life to keep things interesting.

    Here are 10 tips for better sex, which should keep the two of you hot for some time to come.

    1. Use A Blindfold
    Sexual pleasure has many dimensions, but the most important sexual organ we have is our brain. When one sense is hindered, our other senses — via the brain — clamor to compensate. For example, a deaf person has increased sensory awareness — sight, smell, touch, and vibrations. For No. 10 entry on our 10 tips for better sex guide, we’re telling you that you can tap into this innate ability of ours and use it to your advantage: Blindfolding your partner increases her sensory awareness. She doesn’t know where you are or what you are going to do next. This creates anticipation for better sex — the tease. Tease her mercilessly with sensory objects, such as a feather or your tongue. Start off softly, as this excites her nerve endings and makes them far more sensitive. Be careful not to overstimulate the nerve endings, however, because after a while the neurons stop firing with such intensity and the sensation becomes null and void.

    2. Try Being A Teacher – And A Student
    After a while you may think you know how to please your partner in every way, but this is very rarely true. There is always something you haven’t tried, and there is bound to be something one of you always does that could be done differently.

    To combat this, have a lesson session in which you don’t think you know it all, and are at each other’s mercy as teacher. Talk about things you haven’t tried, but would like to, then choose one suggestion from each partner, and get down and dirty. We often get caught thinking we know what our partners like, and after a while it becomes “the way it’s done.” Lose this myth and put yourself in the student’s chair for a while for better sex you won’t regret.

    3. Trade Sensual Massages
    Sensual touch is one of the most highly relaxing and sexy things you can do for your partner, which is why it makes it onto our 10 tips for better sex list. Our bodies are almost without exception tense in some area, if not many areas. This hinders our energy flow — including sexual energy flow. Imagine a car that has a clogged fuel filter: the fuel (our energy) can’t get to where it needs to go quickly and smoothly, and the car performs inefficiently and ineffectively.

    A relaxing sensual massage can unlock her body to some very intense orgasms and much better sex in the end. The ability to relax your partner in this way should be high on your list of skills to master. The same goes for her: The difference between a deeply relaxing massage and a sensual massage is in the manner of touch — you don’t want to relax her too deeply because she will probably fall straight to sleep.

    The key in this case is to keep her senses alert, but her body relaxed. This means a firm touch, coupled with some sensory feather-light caresses. Once you’ve relaxed her major muscles — shoulders and back — work your way down to her buttocks. Strokes can then start to wander near to, but not on, her inner thighs, butt crease and vagina. Don’t forget her hands and feet — there are thousands of nerve endings in our hands and feet that are very sensitive to touch. If you have no idea what a good massage feels like or how to perform one, spend some time in “lesson time” with your partner and learn what you both like or just run your hands all over her body — all over. Don’t skip to the hot spots or you’ll ruin the effect.

    4. Get Into Some Dress-Up
    Pretending to be something you’re not comes easily to some people. However, it has its benefits when done for fun. Stepping out of the role of being “yourself” can be a fun way to give each other permission to behave differently for better sex. Playing the role of someone else during sexual play is a very enjoyable way to give your partner some different sensations, and try things that you haven’t done before. Role playing is a great way to have better sex and to have fun with your partner in a light-hearted but sexy way. It is often the woman who does the dressing up simply because A) They enjoy it; and B) They have the resources of clothes, underwear and makeup — but don’t forget that you can play too..

    5. Talk About Your Fantasies
    Talking about your fantasies with your partner is a very conducive form of sex play. It increases communication with your partner, which is of great importance, as well, it also helps you get to know each other better for better sex. Yes, you may be surprised by what comes out of her mouth, but this works both ways. Keep it light at first and don’t throw her in the deep end with fantasies about people you both know or reveal fetishes you aren’t sure about. Sit back with a glass of wine and keep your clothes on — for now. Fantasy play can also be incorporated into a game for better sex. Use your imagination, and keep it sexy. Take it in turns and see where it leads you.

    6. Play A Game
    Get a pack of cards and play strip poker for better sex. It may seem like something you would have done when you were in high school (given the opportunity), but adult strip poker is a good way to get naked. Once you are both naked (or nearly naked), you can start on the really fun part: A loss means the other person gets to choose what action is performed on them by the loser. Time limits like one minute on said action means that it is a prolonged game of seduction, which by the end will have you both clamoring to be both the winner and the loser. There are many other games you can play “strip” to, as long as there is regular winner and loser to reward and punish respectively. The great part about these games is that you can both ask the other person to do something in a certain way that you may not necessarily have ever done before. It can get rather filthy, and definitely lead to better sex in the end.

    7. Talk Dirty
    Talking dirty has turned people on for millennia and will continue to do so because it has something other sex play doesn’t: words. Because our brains are our largest sexual apparatus, we respond to the spoken word automatically — especially when someone says our name. The spoken word evokes emotions, sensations and blood flow to various regions, depending on the topic. This works very much in your favor when it comes to talking dirty to your lover because women are especially susceptible to what goes in their ears (and I don’t mean cotton buds or ear candles). Talking dirty is, however, an art form and when done badly can result in fits of giggles (which, lets face it, ain’t so bad but isn’t quite the goal here). Don’t let this deter you.

    Start off easy with neutral dirty-talk topics, such as how you feel inside her, how much you are enjoying the act and what you would like to do to her next. Don’t get too carried away, but let it flow out of you. Dirty talk can be a bit daunting at first, if you are not used to verbalizing these things, so practice. You will see how she responds to you. Dirty talk also comes under the “encouragement” category — when she sees that you like something very much, she will be more interested in doing it more. The rawness of the sexual passion aroused with dirty talk is why it is so effective. Be careful with swearing too much — though a good dose of foul language is part and parcel with dirty talk (its not called dirty talk for nothing), too much swearing/name calling can be a turn off. Try to stick to positive words, and leave the commonly used insult words out. Watch what you call her body parts too — just make sure she can handle it before launching into your tirade of filth. Chances are, the passion from you will ignite hers two-fold.

    8. Try Some New Positions
    You already know how to bring her to orgasm in two ways (probably). You repeat these regularly because they work — there’s no harm in that. However, if you never, ever try any new positions again, how will you ever know? New positions need a reasonably high level of arousal in your lover, so choose your time to strike a new pose when she is quite obviously feeling very randy.

    There is no limit to the number of ways to have sex, so you can use your imagination and come up with as many weird and wonderful inventions as you desire. Simply changing locations can dramatically change the position, so consider this too (for example on top of the washing machine, on a bench, beanbag or table).

    9. Use A Cock Ring
    Cock rings slow the drain of blood out of your erection, and keep you harder for longer. A very hard penis stimulates a woman’s insides slightly differently — and much better — than one that is getting soft around the edges. Cock rings are inexpensive and usually nice to look at, and make an interesting male sex toy to add to your collection. Cock rings ensure that you can maintain the pace without faltering for better sex. This is very pleasing to your lady friend.

    10. Try A New Place
    Sex in a new locale is definitely up there in exciting things to do for better sex. You can take a drive somewhere secluded where you can get a bit risqué. Try a public place (not too public) or simply move to a different room or area in your home — or even someone else’s home. Whatever tickles your fancy. There are a million and one different places to have sex other than your home, in your bed — use them.

    The list of helpful hints you have been presented with equates to a very good head start to a better sex life. The time and energy required to plan your adventures will pay off immediately, but also over the longer term. You will be rewarded according to the effort you put in with a great new skill set, and of course better sex. Make time, conserve some energy for it and relax. Life is short!

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    WHEN it comes to sex, men and women have always had theories about how to size each other up.

    Some people claim that certain attributes like a man’s hands can tell them if he is well endowed or not, while some claim that a woman’s choice of drink at a bar can tell you if she is conservative in bed or a total wild cat!

    While some of these theories are completely unfounded, have you ever wondered what your favourite sex position reveals about your personality or the nature of the person you are dating?

    We asked top sexologist Dr Elna McIntosh and relationship counsellor Lethabo Ntsasa to narrow down popular sex positions and the kind of personalities they are indicative of.

    1. The missionary position
    This is probably the most common sex position out there. It basically involves the man being on top of the woman. Dr McIntosh says this is the perfect position for men who like to show off their skill.

    "This position is for the 'gym guys’ that like to show off upper body strength. It gives the man total control, and that can translate to being selfish," she says.

    What it says about the woman: "She is very timid, and very submissive to her man. She is probably a bit shy, or even conservative. She enjoys the feeling of closeness that comes with this position," says Ntsasa.

    What it says about the man: "He is not afraid of intimacy, and probably cares about the person he’s making love to. Remember, this position involves a lot of eye contact, and the leeway to kiss and nibble as much as possible, which can be a sign of intimacy," he says.

    2. The doggy style position
    This is the position that involves penetration from the rear end, with the other partner facing the other way, usually on their knees. Dr McIntosh says that it is usually more pleasurable to the male in the situation.

    "The doggy-style position offers deep penetration, but there is not much direct clitoral stimulation, which can suit the selfish man that likes to perform to a mirror and watch himself, while chances of his partner having an orgasm in this position is virtually zero."

    What is says about the woman: "She’s a pleaser. She is definitely not afraid to relinquish control and let her man have his way with her. This can signify a woman who puts others before her own needs," Ntsasa says.

    What it says about the man: "He has a fear of intimacy. This is the kind of guy who prefers a lack of eye contact, so that he can drift off into his own world and have his fantasies."

    3. Woman on top
    This is a position that is the opposite of the missionary position, as it involves the woman being on top. Dr McIntosh says this is a favourite for lazy men.

    "This position is definitely for the 'I don’t like to do any work man ’– she is bound to orgasm due to direct clitoral stimulation. It is a position for guys with the more chilled and laid-back personality."

    What it says about the woman: "It can definitely reveal a bit of a perfectionist or control-freak personality, but it can also reveal an independent attitude, and a woman who has no self-deprecation issues," Ntsasa says.

    What it says about the man: "This man has no problem being submissive to his partner. This position can definitely reveal a nonchauvinistic personality, and a deep respect for the woman," he says.

    4. The standing position
    This is the sex position where both partners are on their feet, but can balance with a wall or the shower to avoid tumbling down. The man can also do the heavy lifting and literally carry the woman up throughout the routine.

    What it says about the woman: "She is willing to go the extra mile. She is also spontaneous, and likes to think out of the box."

    What is says about the man: "He is an adventure seeker. He gets easily bored with monotony, and likes to try new things," Ntsasa says.

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    CONTROVERSIAL Zimdancehall artiste Soul Jah Love ‘Chibaba’ has defended his continuous absence at shows he would have been paid to perform at, saying this is due to diabetes, an ailment which he was diagnosed with when he was seven-years-old.

    While some had since concluded that the artiste simply fails to perform as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, Soul Jah Love claims this is not the case as his blood sugar levels will be too low for him to perform.

    Chibaba, real name Soul Musaka, shocked many during Wednesday’s Drive Time show on Star FM when he opened up about his condition to presenter – KVG during an interview.

    “When I fail to pitch up to a show, it’s usually because my blood sugar levels will be very low. I can’t even give that as a reason because people just say I was high on drugs, which isn’t the case,” said Soul Jah Love.

    He blamed the drug abuse rumours on his face which he said resembled that of a druggie.

    “My face looks as if I’m a drug addict. My prayer is that God vindicates me and people who I’ve wronged to forgive me.”

    The artiste, whose marriage to fellow dancehall artiste – Bounty Lisa – is always on an off, was quick to say only his close family and friends understood him and the struggles that he has been through.

    “People who are close to me know how I live with diabetes especially my manager – Wallace, who’s also my friend. He’s seen me through it all, supporting me when I was low,” said Soul Jah Love.

    Because of his ‘condition’, Soul Jah Love has had to fire most of his managers who would have failed to get him medication on time.

    “My blood sugar levels once went low when I was at an airport in Kenya. My manager failed to get an injection for my insulin on time and

    I really had difficulties stabilising my sugar levels.

    “When I fire managers, people think I’m wrong, but it’ll be because they’d have failed to secure such critical stuff on time as I’ll sometimes be on the brink of death.”

    Soul Jah Love said Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa, his forthcoming album, was inspired by his battle with diabetes, and is a project meant to make listeners appreciate life, especially good health.

    “Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa is a very emotional album as I’ll be singing in a way that people can feel my pain through my voice.

    I’m one artiste who prefers to sing about real issues unlike singing about flashy cars like Porsche or a double storey house that I don’t have.”

    He said he is usually sick but prefers to be strong as he is passionate about his career.

    “Even when I’m doing radio interviews like this one, I’ll be sick but I have to be strong because I’m doing it for my career,” said Soul Jah Love.

    The artiste’s shows nationally are synonymous with controversy as Soul Jah Love does not pitch up for shows he is booked for, with many people questioning who is to blame for his behaviour.

    In some instances, he takes to the stage, chants: “Chibababa . . . conquering” and leaves, angering many fans who are now convinced he will be taking them for a ride.

    But two years ago, Chibaba ran out of luck as he was arrested in Mutare for allegedly defrauding show promoter and businessman, Esau Mupfumi of $750 after collecting his performance fee and failing to perform.

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    The Budiriro businessman who was shot dead by armed was also run over by their vehicle.

    Lameck Murimi’s brother, Moses said the family was still in shock. “We are still yet to ascertain what transpired. As of now, all the family members do not know what exactly happened. We believe that he was ambushed at the gate,” he said adding that they were still not sure about the amount of money he was carrying.

    “What we discovered missing were the two laptops that he usually moves around with in his vehicle and other documents,” Moses said.

    Reports say robbers trailed him from his business premises in Budiriro before fatally shooting him.

    Lameck operated bottle stores and a general dealer’s shop at Currant Shopping Centre in Budiriro.

    National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said no arrests had been made by late yesterday and investigations were in progress.

    “Investigations are still in progress and we are still looking for the suspects. Anyone with information that might lead to their arrest should contact any nearest police station or contact the National Complaints Desk on (04) 703631,” he said.

    He said investigations carried out so far revealed that after shooting Lameck, the robbers ran over him using their getaway vehicle before they fled the scene.

    Lameck will be buried in Rusape on a date to be advised.

    Source: Online

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     Many reasons have been written before on why you should marry a Ndebele woman. Here are five more reasons :

    She is Not Selfish – The backbone of a lasting marriage is self-giving, selflessness. This is a higher level of commitment. I am not saying you should lose yourself and become a ‘slave’. Ndebele women are raised to not be selfish, but to reciprocate love and give excessively to her family and children. I strongly feel it was Ndebele women who first demonstrated “Ubuntu”. That said, there is a difference between having healthy boundaries and being selfish.Selfishness causes a breakdown in intimacy and vulnerability and leads to always being suspicious of your partner. Healthy boundaries create an environment that fosters open, honest and respectful communication.

    So if you meet a Ndebele woman who is not selfish, marry her.

    She is Not Jealous – A lot of women are jealous by nature, and that doesn’t change when they get married. So I recommend the Ndebele woman who is taught to manage her jealousy for the sake of community living; for the sake of creating a happy home. I’m not talking about a woman who is prepared to ‘put up’ with anything. Yes, some may argue that a healthy level of jealousy is actually good for a relationship. A little is OK but too much of it brings insecurity, and is an expression of low self-esteem. A Ndebele woman does not behave in an unseemly manner. She has learnt how to balance her own expectations with that of others, and maintain her dignity.

    If you meet a Ndebele woman who is not jealous, marry her.
    She is Not Materialistic – The majority of Ndebele women dream of getting married to a man who will take really good care of them. A man that understands and lives the words – “for better or worse, until death do us part”. A Ndebele woman doesn’t want to get married for money, although there is nothing wrong with living a comfortable life. For a Ndebele woman, a happy family is more important than riches. .

    If you meet a Ndebele woman who is not after your money, marry her.

    She Loves S_ex but Won’t Cheat – Ndebele women love s_ex, for fun and procreation. She understands that s_ex isn’t everything in a relationship, but she will give you the best s_ex of your life – a close-to-heaven, out-of-body-in-your-body experience. Her desire is to be satisfied by the man she loves, and not to be satisfied for the sake of satisfaction.Her s_ex drive is high and she will satisfy her husband without complaining – especially not of a headache!

    If you meet a Ndebele woman who loves s_ex and doesn’t cheat, marry her.

    She Loves God – A Ndebele woman is always spiritual and you can’t divorce her from her beliefs. Prayer is not a routine but a lifestyle. The day starts and ends with prayer. She knows that her true beauty is revealed in the presence of God. She attends church regularly and has a good report among her peers. You will certainly be in good hands because daily, she will pray for your health, job, business, and children. She is a lover of Jesus and understands the value of His death on the cross. She talks the talks and walks the walk, and practices what she preaches.

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    Tendai Musekiwa is married to Felistas Chapoto .He grew up in 15th Crescent Glen View 1 , Harare.

    He attended secondary school at Glen View  high school 2.From there he took a class 3 motor bike  licence when he was working as a messenger at TV sales. He then took a class 2 driver’s licence and worked for  Biddulphs transport. He later looked for work in  South Africa  as a gonyeti aka truck driver. He would steal petrol and diesel and lie to the employer that he was robbed.

    He grew up in the same street with his wife Felistas Chapoto and the couple have four children , three boys and one girl.Felistas is sister to Apostle Chapoto.

    Speaking to sisi Vee another source said ,

    ” Silent Killer atori tsotsi but zvatove worse coz akaita kuti sister yake iite mu neighbourhood inotopfeka uniform ye police ZRP kuvharidzira hutsotsi hwake hwemuno muzim.

    Mukwasha wake is now running the kombi business iye when in zim he is always in town pamushika shika we Glen View pana mbuya nehanda na Speke in a white fortuner or white hilux d4d.

    Akazovaka kuNorton but ku Glen View ndokune imba yavo panotonzi pa Lagos cz of a high security wall. The sister used to stay kuma avenues.”

    Meanwhile Jah Prayzah’s  video shot at Tendai Musekiwa’s  farm outside Joburg where he is said to have visited the criminal for a promotional video seems to have been removed from the singer’s page.

    ” I remember very well Jah was in SA for Mudhara achauya video shoot. He took a break and visited silent killer’s farm where he shot a short video saying he is visiting his SA promoters farm to see what he is doing there. There were a number of blue trucks idling” said another source .

    “He has big contracts with big SA companies for example all the raw cooking oil coming in Zim in bulk tanks. He is the sole transporter” said another source.

    ” Killer T, Jah Prayzah and several other musicians including mdara Thomas Mapfumo were once brought into SA by him.” Added the source.

    Source : Online

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     Studies have been done to find out how possible it is to extend the duration of the female or_gasm from between 6 to 30 seconds to a full minute.

    1. Imagine your bedroom as an hotel room
    The reason for this is that you need the place to be a complete relaxation place, a place where you can lay back and relax. If you’ve got kids, it needs to be a place where the kids cannot disturb and try as much as possible to make it romantic. The atmosphere has to make good that you can focus your mind on the pleasure you’re about to have.

    2. Sweet words galore
    How you and your spouse feel goes a long to make the one full minute org_asm a reality, if you feel good about yourself, the s_ex will definitely feel good. If you feel self-conscious, it will sap you s_ex drive faster than one of the five worst s_ex positions. Insecurity distracts you and inhibits your pleasure, says Nagoski.
    Compliment her as much as you can, make her feel hot, make her feel wanted.

    3. Dirty Talk is crucial
    This is one way to get the best out of your partner in bed, Find out what your partner likes to hear, and what words turn them in and use those to stimulate those parts of her in ways she hasn’t imagined.
    4. Don’t rush foreplay
    Foreplay can get a lady closer to o_rgasm than you. Being brought to the brink of o_rgasm repeatedly will cause your arousal to spread throughout your whole body—resulting in a bigger, longer climax when you finally peak, says Nagoski. If she likes oral s_ex, then you need to learn how to do that, also take cues from her and how best to pleasure her senses using your mouth and perhaps your fingers too. Most importantly, take your instructions from her.

    5. Be prepared
    Planning is vital to this plan, it’s not just to start it. Working multiple s_ex acts into one session can help prolong your or_gasm because the variation creates more tension and arousal, says Van Kirk. Cover your basis for foreplay and s_ex itself.

    6. Let him back off a little
    When some women are on the brink of or_gasm, their clitorises become very sensitive. If that’s the case, asking him to stimulate you more gently may help you maintain your climax for longer, says Van Kirk.

    Try these and you will never regret.Feel free to add more in the comments section.

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    In this article I’ll show you exactly how to get laid on the first date from how to greet her to how to take off her pants: every step is covered in meticulous detail. These tactics have been refined to a science over the last decade and a half and I promise you guys, this shit is for real.

    If I’ve met the girl from day game I won’t do heavy se_xual screening before the date because of the time invested to meet them, meeting girls on foot is much less efficient than online. Also the girls I meet during the day are usually hotter than the ones online so they’re more valuable to me.

    It’s up to you if you want to screen a girl before the date, your odds of getting a first date lay will go up but your odds of getting her to meet up will go down. I would say if you have high se_xual market value and a ton of prospects it’s a good idea to se_xually screen before the date, if you have fewer options you should probably ease up on the screening and aim to convert the girl on the date but it’s a judgement call on your part.

    So, to get started you need to get your mind right and assume the close but at the same time don’t be too attached to it because that neediness will show through. Since you’re assuming you’re going to have se_x that day, the first thing you need to do is your se_x preparation.

    Se_x Prep

    If there’s a good chance you’re going to be having se_x with a new girl there are a couple of things you should do before you meet up with her. You want to make sure you’ve eaten a balanced meal at least three hours before the date, anything closer will f*ck up your stamina. You should also avoid caffeine because it stimulates your nervous system, making it harder to get an ere_ction, especially if you’re already nervous.

    Your Frame For The Date

    You want to come across as relaxed, charming, confident, polite and most importantly, normal. She wants to be relieved you’re not a creepshow so she can feel comfortable enough to f*ck you.

    Your Clothes For The Date

    By the time she shows up you should be freshly showered, groomed and in nice clean clothes. As with anything else in life, first impressions mean everything. If you have a nice body, you should wear a tight t-shirt or sweater. Check out my fashion guide here for more ideas.

    I usually wear sweatpants at home, but that’s not a good first impression, so at least put on some nice jeans. If the girl is tall I will wear my boots, which give me an extra inch and a half. For you shorter guys I would suggest the same thing. One thing you should avoid if you can is wearing socks. There is no graceful way to take your socks off and you want your transition to se_x to be as smooth as possible.

    Setting Up

    The first thing you need to do as far as setting up goes is make sure that your place is clean, especially your bathroom. It’s not that she won’t f*ck you if your bathroom is dirty, but it’s just not a good look. You should also have condoms within arm’s reach of your bed and a bottle of wine in the fridge in case she needs a drink to loosen up.

    Aim to get to the venue on time but don’t worry about her getting there before you because she’ll be at least five minutes late, usually 10. This gives you enough time to get your drink and find a comfortable table away from other humans that faces the door. You also want to adjust the table and chairs so you can easily slip out and give her a hug so that her first impression of you is not you awkwardly struggling to stand up.

    On a coffee date, if you have a rare unicorn who gets there on time you can buy her a coffee or whatever she wants. For the average girl who shows up late, let her get up and get her own drink while you message other girls on Tinder. Definitely do not go back, wait in line and pay again for a girl who showed up late.

    I always try to avoid alcohol dates but I will go to a bar if the girl insists. In that situation, what she’s saying when she insists is that she won’t be able to go through with having se_x with you without some booze in her.

    Coffee dates are a better setup than drink dates for a few reasons. First, the price. Coffee dates will cost you about $5, while booze is $30 at the minimum. If you’re a serious player those costs add up. Also, after a couple drinks, your ere_ction strength goes down and so does your cardio, especially if you’ve been drinking beer, which means you won’t be able to put on a peak performance. From just two or three drinks my se_x cardio is down to about 80 percent.

    Greet, Touch And Compliment

    The first thing you want to do when a girl walks in is stand up, tell her it’s nice to meet her and give her a hug. Once she’s settled in I always make sure to pay her a compliment on her looks. This will immediately put her at ease, all women are insecure about their looks. This also sets the tone for se_x happening by showing her that you’re se_xually attracted. Ideally she’ll compliment you back but it’s no problem if she doesn’t. If she didn’t like your look then she wouldn’t be there.

    As you’re releasing the hug, gently usher her into her seat. I’ll usually put my hand on her elbow or lower back and say: “have a seat,” not in a commanding way but in a friendly, polite way. Sometimes I’ll pull out her chair if I can reach. This is how you lead with polite dominance.

    Remember, you’re a se_xual salesman so treat her as if she was your client in business. That means you’re on your good behavior. Forget this “being an a$shole” routine that many pickup artists follow, it will work against you. What you’re selling is polite confidence, se_x appeal and that you’re a winner. Everyone wants to do business with a winner.

    Conversation Ratio

    At the start you’ll usually need to do most of the talking, or at least most of the leading of the conversation. It will probably be about 80/20 your way, but you should be able to get it down to 50/50 within a few minutes. The easiest way to make a girl feel comfortable is to get her engaged and talking about herself. You do that by asking her questions.

    Question/Vibe Loop

    To get a woman feeling comfortable, I start asking her questions. I use a ton of questions, there is no topic girls like more than talking about themselves. I try to do as little talking as possible. Talking about herself and having you respond positively with insightful questions makes her feel that she’s really connecting with you.

    Some example questions I’ll ask are: “Where did you go to school?”, “What do you do for work?”, “Whereabouts do you live?”, “Did you grow up in the city?” No segues are needed for these questions. When you watch a lot of the best comedians they don’t use segues either because they just become engaged with whatever topic is at hand


    When you’re talking to a woman you always want to be in rapport with her. Your goal should be to never break rapport or outright contradict what she says. Even light teasing is still part of rapport. A tease is not a “neg,”a tease should be done playfully and in the spirit of fun.

    Se_x is the ultimate rapport, so you should start building up to that from the second you meet her. You almost always want to be in agreement with what she’s saying. If she says: “I can’t believe the streetcar was so crowded on the way over here, it’s so annoying,” you should answer with something like, “Ya I bet, that sounds really annoying.”

    If she says she just finished her degree and is so excited about her new job you want to say something like: “That’s awesome, that sounds like a really exciting field.” You want to empathize and filter back whatever emotion she’s projecting to you.

    Being in rapport doesn’t mean you should be passive, though. You should always be leading the action and if a girl starts on a negative topic you need to steer her back to positive things. Let’s say a girl is getting angry because she had to wait 30 minutes for the bus I’ll say: “That sucks you had to wait so long. Hey, I forgot to ask, how was that art exhibit you went to this weekend?”

    Once the topic has been covered or you’re stalling out, just ask her another question. Let’s say you’ve been talking about what she’s taking in school for 10 minutes and you’re stalling out. You can ask her what she likes to do for fun or what kind of music she listens to.

    Just repeat the question and vibe loop until she asks about you. When (or if) she asks about you, you should have a couple of cool, normal hobbies you do. I use the gym and hot yoga. Make sure your hobbies are relatable to her. If she’s intelligent I’ll talk about the books I read, if she’s dumb I’ll talk about partying.

    You can talk about yourself for a bit but you always want to flip it back to her. People feel most comfortable when they have an attentive audience. I learned this in my sales training. Clients don’t want to hear about you, they want to talk about themselves and for you to actively listen.

    I usually don’t bother with se_x talk, if I’ve met the girl online, se_x is already assumed from my hardcore screening so my goal is just to make her feel comfortable f*cking me. If it’s a girl who hasn’t been screened, talking about se_x can make her uncomfortable.

    If you want to put se_x on the table verbally you can bring it up casually, if she’s cool with it you can continue but if she gets uncomfortable – change topics. Also, don’t think just because she’s uncomfortable with se_x talk doesn’t mean she won’t f*ck, a lot of girls are just shy. At the end of the day it’s a judgement call on your part but not necessary at all.

    Asking Her To Leave

    This is where the rubber meets the road. There is no perfect time to ask her home with you, your best bet is to ask her to leave when you think she feels comfortable. It’s also a good idea to wait until she’s finished her drink. This can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how relaxed she is.

    Remember the point of the date is to prove you’re a cool, se_xy normal guy that she can feel safe going home with. The money line is: “you wanna get outta here?”, although this is technically a question, you should deliver it as a statement.

    That means you deliver it with a neutral, casual tone as opposed to an upwards inflection like you normally would with a question. When you say it like this you’re implying that it’s already been decided that she’s coming over and asking her is just a formality, this means she’ll have to break rapport with you to say no.

    This is a very important distinction, if you ask her if she wants to come over it makes it much easier for her to say no because your question gives her permission to say no. Also it’s very important to hold eye contact the entire time, if she sees you look down or away it shows weakness and will make it easier for her to say no or question her decision.

    Many times she’ll hesitate for a few seconds and you’ll literally be able to see the wheels turning in her head, those seconds will feel like hours but stay strong. Keep eye contact and hold the line like Braveheart, remember you’re a closer, this is what separates the men from the boys.

    If she says yes, you’re good to go, don’t even bother telling her where you’re going and just lead her back to your place. A lot of times she’ll ask you: “where are we are we going?”, the correct answer is: “my place” delivered in the same neutral, casual tone. When you deliver this statement hold the line and don’t flinch just like you did when you asked her home. Remember, you’re a closer.

    As you’re leading her home, it’s really important to keep her comfortable on the way home. I’ve seen girls have complete state changes as their logical brain kicks in, where they start thinking: “I can’t believe I’m going back to this guy’s place” or “I hope he’s not a psycho.”

    Keeping the conversation going strong is a good way to put her at ease. As we covered before, this is especially important for the elevator ride in your building and walking down the hallway to your door, as these are the two biggest moments where girls go through state changes.

    If she says no, the correct answer is: “no problem” delivered in the exact same tone as above because you’re a cool, cold-blooded player who is outcome independent. Even if you’re upset or angry inside those emotions should never register on your face.

    If she sees you upset the chances of you getting her to come over in the future are 0%, also and more importantly is to not show weakness. You’re a man with lots of options, a man who doesn’t get upset over something so small as a girl saying no to you. At this point you can walk to her to her car or the subway, wish her well and tell her you’ll text her, this just further shows that you’re completely unaffected


    Now that you’ve got her back to your place, the first thing you should do is take her coat if she has one and hang it up. I always keep an extra hanger next to my jackets for this exact reason. It’s a gentleman’s gesture and is good for retentions.

    Remember she feels like she is giving something to you so the more respectful you are towards her the less buyer’s remorse she’s going to have. And, the better she feels about the experience, the more repeat business you’ll have. You should also take off your shoes and get her to take hers off as well. Now you have one less piece of clothing to take off.

    In some cases, especially if she’s been pre-screened for being DTF and the vibe is already se_xual, she’s going to be ready to go once she gets back to your place. In fact, you’ll see in the lay reports section of my book that I was fingerbanging one girl before we made it to the elevator.

    You can tell if she’s ready to go by how relaxed she is. If she looks relaxed and turned on then you can get started right away by pushing her up against the wall and kissing her, grinding, rubbing her pu$sy, all that fun stuff. In situations like this you can lead her back to the bedroom or just f*ck her up against the wall.

    In other cases, if she’s been more reserved or she seems a bit nervous you’re going to have to take your time. Usually it should take at most an hour for her to get comfortable enough to f*ck.

    If you’ve got a bachelor pad I suggest not having anywhere to sit except for the bed. If you have a one bedroom or a house, just lead her straight into the bedroom. If she’s nervous she might ask you something like: “where are we going?” Just answer nonchalantly: “the bedroom.”

    The Day After Text

    Once you’ve f*cked a girl you want to send her a text the next day telling her what a great time you had. It’s the polite thing to do and is extremely important if you want to see her again because it makes her feel she wasn’t “used” for se_x. Now we know from Chapter 1 that se_x is a value-equal exchange, but in her mind it’s not.

    Lastly and I hate to have to bring stuff like this up, but when you send a day after text and she responds positively you’ve got an insurance policy against a false rape accusation. Also, make sure that if you do end up drinking that you cut it after two drinks max. I’ve made it a personal rule to never have se_x with a drunk girl and I think you should too. You want her sober and completely accountable for her actions.

    0 0

    If your relationship has been shaky lately or if your partner has been acting bizarrely, you should keep an eye out for signs that they’re cheating. You don’t want to keep treating your partner like royalty if they’re actually seeing other people behind your back. If you’re worried about your partner being unfaithful, here are a few signs that they’re sleeping with someone else:

    Your Partner Showers As Soon As They Get Home

    If your partner usually waits until nighttime to take a shower, but switches to taking them as soon as they get home from work, you should be worried. They might be trying to wash off the scent of another person. In order to test them, you can see if they’ll agree to kiss or hug you once they walk through the door or if they’ll make up excuses for why they need to run to the bathroom first.

    They Initiate Se.x Less Often

    Most people love to get dirty, so if your partner stops initiating se.x, they might be getting their pleasure elsewhere. After all, there’s no reason to have se.x with your steady partner when you’re already having se.x with someone else earlier on in the day. A declining se.x life isn’t only a sign of a declining relationship, but it could also be a sign that your partner has decided to cheat.

    They Take Forever To Answer Texts

    It doesn’t take all that long to reply to a text. If your partner takes an hour to answer you back, then they better have a good excuse for it. The same goes for when your partner suddenly decides to add a lock to their phone. If you two really trusted each other, there would be no need for secrets.

    They Buy You Random Gifts

    This one is tricky, because your partner will either buy you gifts out of love or guilt. You have to think about how they’ve been behaving recently in order to figure out which one is the case. You don’t want to accuse your loving partner of cheating, just because you’re not used to be treated so kindly. But if your partner is sleeping with someone else, they may be buying you things to cover up that guilt.

    They Stay Late At Work

    Needing to work late is the oldest excuse in the book. If your partner starts spending a lot more time at work, but doesn’t end up with any more money in their pockets, something is wrong. Most people are too shy or too polite to call up their partner’s boss to ask for the truth, which is what makes it the perfect excuse. But if you think your partner is sleeping with someone else, call them on it, or call their boss!

    They Pay More Attention To Their Looks

    If your partner usually doesn’t have a problem leaving the house with a stained shirt and ripped jeans, you should be suspicious when they start dressing nicely. If they begin to pay more attention to their grooming (either on their face or below their waist), then they might be in the honeymoon stage with someone else.

    They Use New Moves In Bed

    When you and your partner actually get intimate, do they behave the same as they always have? If they put you in a new position or use a new kissing technique, then you should ask them where they got it from. They might’ve learned it from a friend or researched articles on the internet to impress you, but there’s always the possibility that they’ve learned it from the person they were cheating with.

    0 0

    When it comes to se.x, there are certain concerns most of us have. Sure, men and women are different in a lot of other instances, but our se.x fears are actually pretty similar.

    A survey has revealed the top 10 most common fears women have about se.x. Here are the top ten things Women fear the most when it comes to se.x.

    1. Your partner won’t want to wear a c0nd0m
    2. Your partner has an STI
    3. The c0ndom will break/se.x will result in unintended pregnancy
    4. Your partner will find your na_ked body unattractive
    5. Your partner will not take “no” for an answer
    6. Your partner will want to do something
    7. An embarrassing bodily function will occur during se.x
    8. Your partner won’t have an or be satisfied
    9. You won’t have an or be satisfied
    10. You are bad at se.x

    0 0

    Salt, scientifically known as sodium chloride, has over 14,000 known uses. We won't cover all 14,000 of them, but I can tell you it’s widely used as a preservative as well as being used for healing, fertilizing, cleaning and making medicines, dyes, cheeses and plastics.

    Over the centuries there have even been roads constructed solely to transport salt and there have even been wars fought over this precious commodity. This substance will easily dissolve in water and reappear when the water is evaporated.

    1) Algae
    Seaweed salt is a delicacy hand-harvested in the estuaries of the great French rivers as they flow into the sea in Brittany. While Fleur de sel, which is produced in the Camargue, is the caviar of the salt world.

    2) Bible
    The origins of salt date back thousands of years; it is mentioned in the Bible in connection with Lot’s wife who was transformed into a salt statue because she turned to look at the city of Sodom.

    3) Champagne
    A little tip to keep your champagne well chilled for longer: add a few spoonfuls of coarse salt to the ice in the bucket.

    4) Deposits
    Apart from sea salt, which is produced in salt pans, salt is extracted from mines: the oldest ones are in Eastern Europe, but they are to be found throughout the continent as well as in Pakistan, USA and Canada.

    5) Edible
    Table salt must be used sparingly: it is poisonous when consumed in large quantities, so much so that in China it used to be a way of committing suicide.

    6) Flavoured
    Fine or coarse, salt is available as a pure product or aromatized with the addition of spices and flowers, as well as being smoked to give a more robust flavour to food.

    7) Goderich
    Goderich in Ontario boasts the largest underground salt mine in the world; it extends for 5 kilometres beneath Lake Huron.

    8) Himalaya
    One of the most precious varieties in the world is the pink rock salt to be found in the Himalayan mountains. It is said to be the purest in the world and the only type of salt to contain 84 minerals and trace elements.

    9) India
    The exquisite black Indian salt (kala namak) comes from volcanic rocks. It is used extensively in masala dishes and is often sprinkled on fruit.

    10) Japanese theatres
    In Japanese theatres, it used to be customary, before each performance to throw salt on the stage to drive evil spirits away.

    11) Kiln
    To make perfect fish baked in a salt crust, it must be covered with a layer of at least 1.5 centimetres to form a sort of kiln around the food.

    12) Remove watermarks from wood
    Watermarks left from glasses or bottles on a wood table really stand out. Make them disappear by mixing 1 teaspoon salt with a few drops of water to form a paste. Gently rub the paste onto the ring with a soft cloth or sponge and work it over the spot until it’s gone. Restore the luster of your wood with furniture polish.

    13) Millenary
    Salt is thought to have existed before any form of primitive track: animals used to lick the salty earth and create trails which, down through the centuries, became the roads of today.

    14) Deodorize your sneakers
    Sneakers and other canvas shoes can get pretty smelly, especially if you wear them without socks in the summertime. Knock down the odor and soak up the moisture by occasionally sprinkling a little salt in your canvas shoes.

    15) Ounces
    The human body contains from 4 to 6 ounces of salt; its function is to control blood volume, as well as regulating digestion and nerve fibres.

    16) Pay
    The word 'salary' still exists today; it derives from the fact that ancient Romans were paid in salt provisions instead of money.

    17) End the ant parade
    If ants are beating a path to your home, intercept them by sprinkling salt across the door frame or directly on their paths. Ants will be discouraged from crossing this barrier.

    18) Restaurant ban
    In 2010 in New York, a draft bill caused quite a stir: a one thousand dollar fine payable by any restaurant adding salt to its dishes.

    19) Erase tea and coffee stains
    Tea and coffee leave stains on cups and in pots. You can easily scrub away these unattractive rings by sprinkling salt onto a sponge and rubbing in little circles across the ring. If the stain persists, mix white vinegar with salt in equal proportions and rub with the sponge.

    20) Speed up cooking time
    In a hurry? Add a pinch or two of salt to the water you are boiling food in. This makes the water boil at a higher temperature so the food you are cooking will require less time on the stovetop. Keep in mind: Salt does not make the water boil faster.

    21) Unlucky
    Dropping salt is believed to bring bad luck because, in ancient times, it was as precious as gold. To drive away the evil eye, however, a pinch of salt is thrown over the shoulder Visitors The little island of Laeso, Denmark, with less than two thousand inhabitants, is visited by 60,000 tourists each year who arrive just to see where its salt comes from, the most expensive in the world.

    22) Revive wrinkled apples
    Do your apples need a face-lift? Soak them in mildly salted water to make the skin smooth again.

    23) X-numbers of use
    Precious and eclectic, salt is used in an infinite number of ways: those trying to count them have exceeded 14,000.

    24) Keep your milk fresh
    Add a pinch of salt to a carton of milk to make it stay fresh longer. Works for cream too.

    25) Prevent mold on cheese
    Cheese is much too expensive to throw away because it has become moldy. Prevent the mold by wrapping the cheese in a napkin soaked in salt water before storing it in the refrigerator.

    26) Fire extinguisher
    Keeping salt in your kitchen will help you in a non-cooking crisis too,” said Klinge. It can be used to extinguish a grease fire: pour salt on top; never use water.

    27) Rotten Eggs
    You can use salt to test for rotten eggs: put an egg in a cup of salty water. A fresh egg will sink; a spoiled egg will float.

    28) Kill weeds
    Use salt outside as a weed killer. Sprinkle salt on the grass growing in cracks in the cement or between bricks; then pour hot water over it.

    29) Cleaning
    An iron with rough or sticky spots on its surface can be cleaned by running it, set at low, over a piece of paper with salt on it. You can also remove a fresh grease spot on the fabric by covering it with salt. Wait for the salt to absorb the grease, then gently brush the salt away. Repeat until the spot is gone, then launder as usual. You can also rub salt onto a fresh ink stain on fabric, and soak the fabric overnight in milk. Wash the fabric as usual.

    30) Tooth paste and tooth ache medicine
    By simply adding salt into warm water you would have made yourself some effective home-made toothpaste which you can use to floss your teeth. This same 'toothpaste' can be used as pain killer when you have some nagging tooth ache.

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